I’ve given up the Fig Leaf,

I got a new haircut, trimmed my beard

I’ve given up the Chapel,

for the dream of hopeless possibility.

I’ve given up the idea

I was born ever-curious

that Fault was in an apple.

to Cupid’s vocation.

I’ll argue every day

I accepted, many years ago, my nature

that The Effort must improve,

and the futility of looking past my heart.

yet the thought of hopelessness

The hopeless romantic

near to tears did have me move.

herein resides.



I still remember that feeling,
I still don’t know its name,
I still wish worlds were closer
than half a world away.
My heart is less than here,
but more than I ever knew;
I am more for such a life,
but myself, I’m torn in two.

© Blake Leitch July 30, 2017

My Way

I once fell for a girl
whose name I didn’t know,
whom I’d talked with for a midnight hour,
and vowed never to talk to again.

Such has always been my way.

A friend once asked me
if I were a masochist,
how I could let such a unidirectional emotion
direct my life. I had
no answer, and as a crossroads
has reached me once more,

I still have no answer.
All I have is experience
in putting shattered pieces of myself
back together to fall once more.

Such has always been my way.

© Blake Leitch November 17, 2016