Nature or Not

There was once a time
when the world was small.
Necessity was the mother
of invention. We were ants
and the trees grew tall.
We had everything,
we were happy,
we were simple.

At some point, somebody
learnt a new way.
While all we had was
all we needed, somebody
suddenly wanted more.
The bright flame that
lit all around us,
it was doused.

We changed our minds,
we changed our ways.
We were big, strong,
we were gods.
We crushed the ants
and we cut the trees.
Suddenly, the world
must fall into our order.

Now, there are many lights,
but none show where you are.
Nature has been forgotten,
replaced by our creations.
The skyscrapers pierced the sky,
but only for us; this was no Babel.
Has greed taken hold? It seems now,
invention is the mother of necessity.

© Blake Leitch March 2, 2012

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