The Other Side

Pumping it up
and playing loud,
standing down here
with the silver clouds.

Ain’t too sure
on which way is up,
but for me,
I am enough.

I could always get better,
always improve.
I could be different,
original, new.

I’ve got two options
ahead of me;
just stare at the light
or take a leap.

The cloud is safe,
and right now it’s here.
If I take the leap,
I may face my fear.

So what should I do?
Should I jump and pray?
Yes, the light will be there
any which way.

I’ll take what I know
and face what I don’t.
I’ll be by myself, but
I won’t be alone.

I’ll be pumping it up
and playing loud,
falling down there
through the silver clouds.

© Blake Leitch March 17, 2012

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