The Wonder of Life

I was once a believer
in the things I could not see,
and I have no regret
for everything that has been.

But a problem with the world
of putting hope in the unknown
is that everything different
is seen to be wrong.

It made sense, if belief is right
then everything else must
be wrong, but if you don’t know all,
your choice can not be just.

Tall walls and thick windows
so that the world can not enter;
in a life of of the celestial,
belief must be the centre.

At the pulpit it is said
that the world is full of sin.
We must close our ears to the outside
so we can’t “hear the merry din”.

I will not lie, the world certainly is
full of evil and hate,
but this is not all the world
offers on her plate.

There are many weird and wonderful
things to which the earth plays as host.
And even those with little
may claim to have the most.

Who knows? Maybe religion’s right?
But I won’t close my eyes
to the people and places,
to the incredible of life.

© Blake Leitch April 6, 2012

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