Nothing More Than Nature

We start our lives fresh,
innocent. However, it does not
take long for the evil in the world
to take away that innocence.
Before we know it, we are being
led down a path that hardens us,
detaches us from what we once were.
Years turn into decades and our hands
are stained with the mistakes
of our lives. Lust for the continuous
notion of more and everything
remove us so far from the innocence
we once held. In the end, we wither.
From a birth of innocence,
to a death of potential shame.
However, shame is not the only
possible outcome. We will
make mistakes; such is the nature
of life. If we continue to look back
and regret the yesterdays that we
cannot change, we will wither to a
pathetic nothingness. But if we
remember the nature of life, that
we are destined to fail, then we will
also remember that we are destined
to succeed. If we live our life
remembering just what it is
that makes us who we are,
then we can die gracefully.
We must hold on to that one part
of ourselves that we were blessed with
at birth. We must realise that we
are human, and nothing more.

© Blake Leitch October 7, 2012

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