Stardust In Our Blood

We idolize and fantasize about celebrities and cars.
We dream of, one day, being them and shooting for the stars.
When we’re young, there’s no such thing as a body of potential,
because we have no limits, we’re unstoppable, immortal.

Our senses are bombarded at every single turn,
eyes blinded by the lights for which we are taught to yearn.
We are deafened and lose touch as we take in reality.
But the fact of the matter is what is what is nought but dreams.

What is in fact a fact, the real reality,
is unknown now to most, just a barren wadi.
What is important, the core of truth, can still be found if sought.
It is more and less than currency, something riches never bought.

The fact is, there is no point in reaching for the stars,
for the blood that runs through our veins came from the heavens afar.
This is not a cause to do nothing to aid in our progression,
but to realise that your blood is the worthiest possession.

© Blake Leitch November 26, 2012

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