Beast Waikato

A concrete stronghold
holds back a giant of our land,
forcing forces of anger
to keep and build. The lords
and masters of the stronghold and,
ergo, of that giant monstrosity, that
beast, know of the building frustrations that could eventually
overcome their powers. So
once in a time and again, the beast is
let loose. A short leash keeps
the beast from causing chaos,
but allows a tantrum of magnitude
to reek havoc on anything
foolish enough to stand in
the beast’s allowed wake.

And we watch.

We stand on a viewing platform and
watch as momentary Armageddon
takes hold. Some watch in awe,
some in fear; everyone has their reason, but the feelings are hardly
without each other. Regardless,
we stand and we watch as
destruction ensues. Like a storm’s
torrential wind, life and rocks are
beaten down and battered. And then…
it’s over. Heaven or Hell takes hold
of the poor and unprepared. But
ultimately, the lords and masters
retain control with a crack of their
concrete whip. For now, at least,
the beast is retained, until we fall.

© Blake Leitch March 1, 2014

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