The Most Misunderstood

It’s what causes loneliness for the heavy hearted,
and depression for the lonely.
It’s something that kills again and again,
something too many must live with.
It keeps the poor ones hungry
and the rich ones wanting
and it’s responsible for so much bad.

It’s also what kept a heart beating
when violent hearts were pounding,
what kept one from making an unforgettable, unforgivable mistake.
It’s been known to keep the good as good
and to keep the bad away
and to let us all decide for ourselves on which way is right.

It is a blessing.
It is a sin.
It is part of you
and me
and them.
It is the only thing,
one of countless,
and none of any.
Some days,
it is my saving grace.

© Blake Leitch August 16, 2015

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