Blog 03/01/16

I haven’t posted on this website in quite a while. I have been writing poetry, but I haven’t been posting. I think this is mainly because I haven’t been recording what I’ve been writing. I type it all into my notes app on my phone with the intent of getting to it at some point… eventually…

I think I’ve become a bit disenchanted by the idea of recording what I write; the original reasons I did it were to sound like the Spoken Verse YouTube channel (because ego), but also to increase the accessibility of my writing. I know a few people who live with visual impairments, and this simply could have helped them to read my poetry.

But this is something that I think has to fall into the ‘too hard basket’ for now. If I end up having someone ask me to record what I write, I’ll go back into it and restart the process. I don’t know whether it’s simply that it’s time-consuming, or that it makes me feel a bit too vulnerable saying these things out loud, but it’s just something I don’t wish to do any more.

Also, I’m not sure exactly where the balance lies between writer and reader; not sure exactly to what extent a poem is meant to be about a poet’s message compared to the extent a poem is meant to be about self-discovery. Regardless, I think – at least in my mind – reading this out loud puts too much of the poem in my hands.

So for now, I will be posting only the words. But I will also be posting more often, and I will also be blogging more about the site and what I read. Maybe by this time next year, I will be ready to try and publish a few things in a bit more of a traditional manner…

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