The Old World

I remember the times
that old world was mine.
I remember the days
when daily, I’d pray.
I remember the hymns
that I’d joyously sing.
And I remember the lessons
and sermons and blessings.

But what I remember,
what I remember more,
are the people who taught me
of James, John and Paul.
I remember the people
who let me hold on
in a time when I could
scarcely see dawn.

For a time in my life,
they were the best of friends
and they stood by my side
while I sat by theirs.
They were everything
to a lost, broken boy,
but the only ever possible end
was obviously tears.

And the tears still come
from time to time;
a broken heart
for lost memories.
But while I’ll yearn
for lost memories,
I will always remember
when that old world was mine.

© Blake Leitch July 15, 2014

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