Blog 11/01/19

Three years ago I wrote here that I would dedicate myself more to this website, to this blog. Three years ago was also the last time I wrote a blog post here, or anywhere now that I come to think of it. I could blame disability or schooling or general life, and I’d have some pretty reasonable points. But I also could have focused myself and prioritised. I didn’t.

Now, I have a plan of sorts. I’ve got hordes of poetry collections ranging from Williams to Coleridge to Yeats. I struggle focusing on these and actually reading the damned poems, so I’m going to repurpose my ‘Perspective’ page as a way of commenting on poems as I slowly make my way through these collections.

I’m not going to overcommit and say I’ll respond to a new poem every day or anything equally ludicrous, but I’ll try and write a couple of days a week. I don’t know who I’m going to read at which point, but I’m going to start with Marianne Moore’s New Collected Poems (edited by Heather Cass White). I read about her in A Concise Companion to Twentieth Century American Poetry and thought she sounded fascinating, a stalwart mover and shaker of poetic modernism.

After that, я не знаю, but I’m going to trod along as I can, with no thought for speed or rush or dedicated timetable. I will dedicate myself to the poetry, not to the passage of time. And who knows? I might begin moving my own poetry back over here or find a way to edit work between two homes. In the meantime, until next time.

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